Story of the Night: A Walk-Off & A Hail Mary

Friday night lights took a different look tonight as the fall sports continue to make their push into the spotlight. Baseball sure gave them a fight but at the end of the day, both shared some exciting final moments.

Joe Pederson’s Home Run Robbery

The first place NL East Atlanta Braves had a tough battle Friday night against the first place NL West San Francisco Giants. It was an up a down battle that nearly slipped away in the top of the ninth but a certain former Dodger saved the day for his Braves which some former fans of his are glad to see. Tommy La Stella was up to bat with two outs and his team down one. On a 1-1 count, La Stella hits a deep fly to right field. Off the bat it looked like the Giants took the lead again but Joe Pederson leaps into the air and fence and steals the ball and saves the game. Braves hold on to win 6-5 with the help of the Pederson catch

Jets’ Hail Mary

Kenny Yeboah caught four passes for 100 yards and 2 touchdowns in the Jets game tonight. His final TD of the night was his best one yet. With six second left in the game, New York down eight points, James Morgan launches a Hail Mary throw. Yeboah caught the pass and the Jets would convert a two-point conversion to tie the game. It remains a ties as the National Football League games do not overtime. includeThat concludes the preseason for the Jets. They open their season on September 12 at Carolina Panthers.

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