Fantasy Draft Recap: Team Sanchez

Fantasy Football season is back! People online hate when others talk about their fantasy football teams but who cares, it is harmless and brings a little more excitement to some of those dreaded NFL matchups. Sunday, I took part in my first live draft in almost 10 years. I have been in a league with the same core group since maybe fifth or sixth grade. I am now 23 (almost 24). We have done not just football but baseball and basketball as well. Football has been the biggest one over the years as most pay close attention to the sport which keeps every week competitive. Below I am sharing my draft with you all.

I had the fourth pick and also kept no one. The draft was 17 rounds. This is the first year we are doing sleepers and no one on my team from last season was worth keeping in my eyes. If you kept a player from last season, you missed the round before. So if I kept a third round pick, I miss my second round pick for this draft.

Going in I was interested in potentially keeping DeAndre Hopkins. He was my second round pick in 2020 but I did not want to lose my first pick. I did have a feeling he would still be on the board. So despite preaching how I did not like change (change as in doing keepers), I still ended up with my same two 1st and 2nd round picks from the previous season and basically had “Keepers” just in a different way. Looks like I didn’t change things up after all. I took Derrick Henry in the first and Hopkins in the second. I even sported a Tennessee Titans pick to make my first pick. Here is Team Sanchez for the 2021 Fantasy Football season:

  1. Derrick Henry, Ten, RB
  2. DeAndre Hopkins, Ari, WR
  3. James Robinson, Jax, RB
  4. Mike Evans, TB, WR
  5. Brandon Ayuik, SF, WR
  6. Mark Andrews, Bal, TE
  7. Mike Davis, Atl, RB
  8. Russell Wilson, Sea, QB
  9. Corey Davis, NYJ, WR
  10. James Conner, Ari, RB
  11. Marquise Brown, Bal, WR
  12. Steelers D/ST, Pit, D/ST
  13. Evan Engram, NYG, TE
  14. Jason Sanders, Mia, K
  15. Brandin Cooks, Hou, WR
  16. Tevin Coleman, NYJ, RB
  17. Austin Hooper, Cle, TE

Let the season commence!


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