What year is it? Can you let us know, Dallas Mavericks?

The National Basketball Association is a little over a month away from starting training camps and their preseason games. Despite this, a week and even a sometimes, just days, have gone by without the NBA in the news cycle. One of those being free agency and player workouts with teams. This past Thursday, the Dallas Mavericks invited Monta Ellis, Lance Stephenson, and Isaiah Thomas to work out.

All three veterans are well removed from regular playing time and hoping to squeeze out a spot in the league. All have shined at various moment during their careers but some no longer see a need for their talent. If it is defense that is holding them back that better not be the case, the whole league gives up 100 or more points a game.

It’s not likely will see all of them or even one of them on a roster but NBA teams will do their due diligence before writing them off. It looks as if anyone has a shot it is the 5-9 guard Isaiah Thomas. Thomas has played on 5 teams since leaving Boston. With this news, it is time to take a ride in the time machine time…

Below are a few moment from those three’s careers.

Monta Ellis

Lance Stephenson

Isaiah Thomas

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