Story of the Night (A Day Late)- Melanie Newman makes young Orioles’ fan’s night

I may have spoken too soon when picking Albert Pujols’ return to St. Louis as the best moment from Tuesday. Tuesday, a young Orioles’ fan came to the game with a sign asking Orioles play-by-play broadcaster Melanie Newman if she needed help in the booth. It began to circulate on Twitter and caught the attention of Newman and the Orioles.

This event came on the same day as clown conservative Matt Walsh trashed women in sports. He believes they enter the space just to try to “emasculate” sports. Highly doubt there is much truth to that. This Walsh guy also only ever talks about sports when something new comes alongs. Never any other time either. The world is evolving and we can all do a bit better at evolving too. Kick rocks, Walsh. Women belong in sports. There is enough room for all people to get involved!

Now back to real story of young O’s fan Ellee. During the Orioles 7-3 win over the Royals, MLB’s Paige Leckie and many other noticed her sign. Not only was she a fan of the team but Orioles’ Melanie Newman.

Last season, Melanie Newman became the fourth active female game broadcaster in MLB and the first female broadcaster in franchise history to call play-by-play for a regular season game.

Eventually, Newman post and tweeted “I can’t tell you how it felt to look down and see her! I could cry! Would LOVE to meet her!!!!!!. Blessed.” The two would later meet open to speak and take photos.

This is why representation matters. There is plenty of room for everyone. Having a talented and respected Melanie Newman in her role allows everyone to hopefully see themselves in that same position one day. I bet Ellee definitely does.

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