Story of the Night- Kris Bryant Returns to Wrigley Field

The best talent (in recent memory) to be drafted by the Chicago Cubs was traded to the San Francisco Giants this past summer for pennies leaving Chicago fans and Kris Bryant himself in tears. Bryant was a rookie of the year, a MVP, a 4-time All-Star, and the biggest of them all..A World Series CHAMPION. That’s rare to say for members of the Cubs organization. and they allowed him to just get traded over revamping the team. Friday, Kris Bryant returned to Wrigley Field with a warm welcome from fans.

The Bryant Family handed out “Cubs” cookie to many of the Cubs employees before Friday’s game.

“It’s easy to thank your hitting coach or your teammates or the people writing out your checks, but the people behind the scenes here really make this place go. They’ve been through a lot here.”

Kris Bryant to media

Bryant finished the afternoon 0 for 3 with a run, a walk, and two strikeouts.

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