Ciara’s Met Gala look Results in Manning Sadness

Some are still wondering what the Met Gala even is but most know it has to do with famous, rich celebrities flaunting wealth through their outfits. They call it fashion, I call it a fashion disaster. Well for some, not all. One of the dresses getting attention Monday evening was worn by Ciara.

Ciara is famous music artist with many top hits over the years. In 2016, she married Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and has been his number one supporter ever since. This Gala, the 35-year old wore a silver and green dress (seen below) with Wilson’s number three on the front. To go along with the dress, she has a a bedazzled football bag and Wilson’s Super Bowl XLVIII ring to finish off the look.

The Gala was going on at the same time as Monday Night Football. It was the debut of Peyton and Eli Manning’s new show. During the broadcast, Wilson joined the two and the event came up. Peyton and his Broncos lost to Wilson and the Seahawks in Super XLVIII and made his frustration known, jokingly of course.

“(Ciara) is wearing a ring that I wanted,” said Peyton Manning.

Wilson responded and said, Well, I [want] a ring that Tom Brady has… I need to go get, too.”

One thing can be said about both quarterbacks…they are both chasing Tom Brady.

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