Let The Lockout Begin

There is a war going on right now in Major League Baseball. This war is thanks to mostly the owners and the unwillingness to come to terms with the players. After no new collective bargaining agreement, the league is having its first work stoppage since 1995.

As a result of the lockout, there have been quite a lot of changes surrounding the players and the league. They include rehab challenges, MLB.com’s new look, and players staying goodbye to team logos and going dark.


Jameson Taillon is recovering from a recent surgery and will now have to look for a new team of medical professionals. The lockout prevent him from working with team employees/staff.

Trevor Williams and Joe Musgrove had a few words to share but they were not an answer to Taillon’s question.

Twitter Profile Pictures

Since the owners don’t want to step up and do more for the players, the players aren’t going to recognize their teams. Several players have gone dark with their profile pictures. Jose Ramirez even spiced his up a bit with a headband.


MLB has decided to scrub their website of the players’ likeness and have even got rid of all articles about “current” players. Their writers have since turned to sharing content about past players and even some baseball pop culture content.

The Worst Part

MLB commissioner Robert Manfred shared one final word with baseball but fans aren’t falling for it.

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