Christian Yelich- The TikTok Star

Social media usage by athletes has grown in popularity of the last ten years. For a long time, athletes were apprehensive over the impact it had and whether or not it could cause to be an outside distraction. A large amount of players now see social media as an opportunity to connect with their fanbase and show an alternative side of their personality. The world has evolved from Myspace, Facebook, and even Twitter to apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and now, TikTok.

TikTok has grown in popularity since the start of the pandemic and more and more people have gravitated toward using the app. One of the latest to join the app is Milwaukee Brewers star and 2018 NL MVP Christian Yelich.

Yelich posted his first video back on January 18. The video brings up the fact that he can’t using the same username has his other social media pages.


When tiktok won’t give you your username that a fan has created already. @christianyelich

♬ original sound – Christian Yelich

After the video gained some traction, the girl who has his username decided to make a video answering back to the sluggers.

Christian Yelich says “it’s too late” and that she is now “Christian Yelich.” He offered up some help to the girl as she has a few new baseball duties to attend to once the MLB lockout ends.


#stitch with @christianyelich Look maybe we split home and away or something. We’ll figure it out.

♬ original sound – Christian Yelich

Yelich continues post TikTok videos and even shares some of his memorable moments from his young MLB career.

For more TikTok videos from Christian Yelich, follow him here.

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