Tik Tok Video of the Day: Richard Jefferson Makes Fun of Stephen Curry

Richard Jefferson spent 17 years in the NBA while playing for several different team including the 2016 NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers. Since leaving the league in 2018, Jefferson has been used as a broadcaster for a few different networks.

A once intimidating opponent has now become a fun, comedic user of the popular apps Tik Tok and Twitter. Both which he uses daily to interact with fans and lovers of basketball. He’s will to take a joke but be warned, he’ll get you back too.

Despite needing to get ready to call the Warrior-Grizzlies Game 6 matchup on Friday, he did find time to hop on the app to record a video and even take a jab as well as set himself up to make more jabs on the broadcast.

Watch to see for yourself.


#stitch with @notjacobbriggs I’ve heard worse 😂😂😂#fyp #nba #espn #steph#warriors #playoffs

♬ original sound – Richard Jefferson

You can find more of Richard Jefferson on his Twitter or Tik Tok accounts daily.


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