Former Illinois Prep Athletes and their NBA Playoff Performances- May 21- Max Strus Has the Clutch Gene

The story of Max Strus (Stagg) in the NBA is only starting to be written but those watching should be ready for a few chapter of greatness. Over the last year, more and more are starting to commentate on his game or recognize him in public. That would not be happening without the hard work and dedication it took to get to this point from Strus. ESPN’s Bobby Mark’s laid out the journey most recently in a tweet after the Saturday’s Heat win.

Seeing the full journey makes his run even more impressive.

That Strus shows up every night and came up big time on Saturday. He scored the first basket of the game and kept the tempo upbeat all not on his was to his 16 points that evening but three baskets stuck out of the six stuck out the most.

Celtics ended the second half with a small run to cut the lead at the half. Boston wanted to bring that momentum to the third which they did. Strus around the seven minute mark had enough and hit a three to open the lead back to 15 points. The final key two baskets came in the fourth quarter.

Jaylen Brown got the Celtics within one point with his three pointer with 2 minutes and 40 seconds to go. Strus answered back with a clutch three to just about put the game away for the Miami Heat. That three had several talking, even Lakers great Magic Johnson had to comment.

The final basket was a three-foot layup that officially put the game away for good with under 45 seconds to play. Kyle Lowry secured another Heat steal which was followed by that Strus layup.

Strus finished with 16-4-2-1.

“He’s fearless. He thinks the whole play is being run for him.”

-Erik Spoelstra on Max Strus

Next Game: Game 4 is Monday, May 23 at 7:30 PM CT at the TD Garden in Boston.

“It’s loud in there for sure. But I also heard when it got quiet in there, which was fun.”

Max Strus on the levels of loudness at TD Garden. Noteworthy moment that caused the quietness: Strus’ three to put the Heat up 96-93 with 2:16 to go in the fourth quarter.

Box Score

  • Max Strus (Stagg/Miami Heat)- 34 minutes, 16 points, 6/12 FG, 4/7 3PT, a game-high 2 offensive rebounds (tied with 3 others), 4 total rebounds, 2 assists, a team-high 1 block (tied with 3 others), a turnover, and -5 in a 109-103 win over the Boston Celtics.

More Tweets

The Strus is loose and mania behind it is in full swing. Barstool Sports is now selling ‘Strus is Loose’ shirts on their website.

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