Tik Tok Video of the Day: Fans Gives Up Ball to Young Fan

When attending a baseball game, the dream for many is to catch a foul ball and to take it home as a souvenir. If you’re lucky you might even catch a home run. But there is some consequences one might face when acquiring said ball.

One common one is that if a person catches the opposing team’s home run, they have to throw it back. Not everyone wants to do that. Or another is if a person is around a young kid, they should give it to them. That can be unfortunate especially if it was the person’s first time getting a ball and now they have to feel the pressure from the scolding fans nearby. It would be one thing if the adult got in the way of child but if it comes right at the person, it should fair game to keep it.

The rules are up for debate but its definitely a major part of the game as there are 8-10 dozen balls being used in a game. That results in a lot of balls for fans to try and catch.

One gentleman was catching a Texas Rangers-Seattle Mariners game on Friday night at Globe Life Stadium. He happened to be sitting down with a major league ball when he was confronted but nearby kid. The kid offered $100 to the man in exchange for his ball. The man is now in a no-win situation as there were many onlookers. He could: a) keep it, b) give it up and take the cash, or c) give the ball up and let the kid keep his money.

For the man, there was only one real option in this situation because if he picked any other, he would be enemy number one. Good thing he did the right thing here.

Watch the Tik Tok below to see the interaction.


little kid offers $100 for foul ball #baseball #texasrangers #globelifepark @rangers

♬ original sound – howdendoo

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