Former Illinois Prep Athletes and their NBA Playoff Performances- June 16- Congrats to Andre Iguodala and the Golden State Warriors on winning the 2022 NBA Finals

The National Basketball Association concluded their season on Wednesday with an epic conclusion. Golden State Warriors defeated the Boston Celtics 103-90. This gave the Warriors their fourth title in eight years and cementing the team as an all-time dynasty.

One former Illinois prep athlete was on the winning roster and that was former NBA Finals MVP Andre Iguodala.

Iguodala played a vital role in previous seasons but took a backseat this run as he was injured for most of the games. Despite battling an injury, he provided immeasurable leadership from the sidelines as the team’s elder player.

He did see some playing time during the Warriors’ championship run. Iggy played in 7 games and averaged 1.6 points on 44 percent shooting, one rebound, and 1.7 assists. He scored a playoff-high of seven points in a Game 1 loss. He had previously missed the last 12 games with a neck injury.

This season, Iguodala played a near career-low of 31 games. He average 4 points (career-low), 3.2 rebounds (career-low), 3.7 assists, 0.9 steals, and 0.7 blocks per game.

Box Score

  • Andre Iguodala (Lanphier/Golden State Warriors)- Played 1 minute and a plus-minus of zero in a 103-90 win over the Boston Celtics.

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