Riley Curry Has Always Been a Fan Favorite

Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors are the NBA Champions for the fourth time in eight seasons. Life is good for Bay Area fans and the celebrations are surely being had.

Monday, the team celebrated their championship with a parade and rally to share the moment with their enormous fanbase. Many came out to see their favorite players and even make signs to show their love for the team. Obviously several posters mention key players like Curry and Klay Thompson but Steph was not the only Curry to win the hearts of the Bay Area. There was even a poster raised for the young Riley Curry.

A young fan raised a poster with “Will you let her marry me?” as Steph and his family passed the boy on the parade route. Riley Curry spotted than sign and showed her mom Ayesha and as well her dad. The poster also feature a picture of Riley and the boy as younger versions of themselves.

Riley smiled and giggled about it but definitely looked like she appreciated the gesture.

Fans were first interested to Riley Curry when she interrupted her dad during a Western Conference Finals press conference back in 2015. Relive the moment through video in the tweet below.

(click tweet to watch)


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