Boston Celtics Great and Incredible Human Being, Bill Russell, Dead at 88.

The world suffered a great loss as Boston Celtics legend Bill Russell passed away at 88 years old. Russell passed away peacefully alongside he wife, Jeannine which was shared in a Twitter post.

No cause of death has been made public as of now but Russell has been sick throughout the year. He was even too ill to present the MVP trophy at this year’s NBA Finals.

At this time, no details about a memorial for Russell are known but will be shared soon.

Russell was more than a basketball player. While his 11 NBA Championships, two NCAA title, an Olympic Gold Medal, five MVPs, 12 All-Star nods, and countless of other honors are nothing to look past, Bill Russell was an incredible human and activist.

Russell paved the way for many black players in a time where he was practically in a league of his own. This meant he often faced tons of scrutiny and racist attacks.

Bill Russell did and saw a lot and it is truly remarkable to read such things and keep so upbeat through life. Many have shared about his heart and compassion as well as his humor over the years and especially in social media posts today.

Take the time to watch the ABC News clip below for more on the life and legacy of the great Bill Russell.

To the NBA- if there was ever a player to have their number retired league-wide, it should be Bill Russell. His accolade on the court are reasons enough for it being retired by the Boston Celtics but the person he was and what he endured to become one of the greats on the court and off showed a great model for those that followed. Do the right thing, NBA and retire #6 across the league.

R.I.P. Bill Russell.

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