Must-Watch Video of the First Half of the Week: Varitek Fan Surprised by Jason Varitek

It has been 11 years since Jason Varitek last suited up for the Boston Red Sox as a player but the love for the Captain still remains. Tuesday afternoon, Jason’s wife, Catherine, shared a video to her Twitter with an unlikely surprise for one fan.

The Varitek’s were enjoying their day at Canobie Lake Park in New Salem, New Hampshire when they spotted a fan wearing a Varitek shirsey. Upon seeing the shirt, Jason and the family approached the man wearing the shirsey and began asking about the amusement’s food.

It was not until the end of the video when it all started to click.

No surprise that Tek was and still is a fan favorite for Boston Red Sox fans. He played all 15 MLB seasons for the Red Sox while winning two World Series, being named to three All-Star Games, and he even won a Golden Glove and a Silver Slugger.


What was the craziest celebrity interaction that you had?

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