Video of the Day- Tennessee Soccer Gets Ballsy on the Quad

Social teams are always looking for content for their social channels. They spend hours or just even seconds sometimes coming up with ideas to test run. Tennessee Women’s Soccer (2-2-1) were given an assignment and they delivered in their latest video.

A cast of their players took to their campus to test out their kicking skills in front of their college peers. Their task: see if they could kick a ball through the legs of people walking by them. This in the soccer community is what is referred to as a “nutmeg” when done right. Surely not an easy thing to do but these Tennessee soccer players made it look that way.

The irony of that caption is rather funny because what if they miss??

Kelsey Trainor does bring up a very good point as one miss could likely land in a face plant and result in some injuries.

Looks like no one is truly safe after all.

@Vol_Soccer, release the bloopers.


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