Aaron Judge Breaks 61-year-old AL Home Record with his 61st Home Run of the Season

Wednesday evening, New York Yankees defeated the Toronto Blue Jays 8-3. Just one day prior the clinched the playoffs but decided they weren’t done with the celebrations. Aaron Judge sent a 3-2 pitch from Tim Mayza over the left field wall to give the Yankees a 5-3. That two-run home run did not just propel the Yankees to a win but gave Judge his 61st of the season.

Aaron Judge is now tied with Yankee legend Roger Maris for the most home runs in a season by an American League player.

The Ball

The chase for this ball and future ball was a key discussion over the last few weeks. Several fans and family followed Judge and the Yankees around inn hope of being witness to the home run and maybe even catching it. Roger Maris Jr. was one of them.

But unfortunately for the ballhawks, Judge 61st home run landed in the Blue Jays’ bullpen. The ball was snagged by their bullpen coach Matt Buschmann.

The ball was quickly turned over to Judge and company but not without some tweets from Buschmann’s wife Sara Walsh

While he had no pressure about returning the ball, Buschmann did it anyways.

The Record

Aaron Judge’s chase for home run #61 has come with some controversy. Major League Baseball’s record for home run is 73 set by Barry Bonds. The list follows with McGwire showing up two times (65 & 70) and Sammy Sosa three times (63, 64, & 66). This puts Maris and Judge tied at 7 with their 61 home runs.

Despite this, Judge’s season and chase is a moment that should be celebrated as it is fun and something fans can get excited about.

Baseball stat guy Jeremy Frank says it best below.

Not Done Yet

Aaron Judge took seven games between his last two home runs and hopefully that doesn’t happen again. Judge and the Yankees have seven more regular season games before the postseason. With the Yankees having already clinched, they might look to rest Judge and other so its unclear if he reach 62 but it is very possible.

The team will play a three-game home series against the Baltimore Orioles before heading to Texas to face the Rangers.

Judge is hitting .397 with 9 home runs in 15 games (14 starts) against Baltimore. The nine home runs is his most verse any team this season.

But he has struggled in his three game vs. Texas. He’s 2 for 10 with two runs, two singles, two walks, and two strikeouts.

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