Must Watch Sports Videos from the past week: Hopkins, Randle, Tennessee, and Sauce Gardner

As many of you know, it has been quite awhile since I have posted a blog. I decided that there is no better way to hop back into blogging than to share some of my favorite sports related videos from the past week. These videos either popped on my “For You Page” on Tik Tok or my Twitter timeline.

DeAndre Hopkins

Arguably the best part of football, at least for me, is playing fantasy football. It’s a great way to have a vested interest in a random out of area game between two sub-par teams. It is not just fans that play either, the players do too. One of those players is Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins.

Hopkins shared in a recent video about his excitement for playing but also get to return himself into his own fantasy team’s lineup.

Hopkin was suspended six games for testing positive for a banned performance-enhancing substance.

Ky Randle

Julius Randle is entering his fourth season with the New York Knicks. Since become a Knick, Randle has made an All-Star team, an All-NBA second team, and even was named the most improved player in 2021. That’s about all the good news for him and the Knicks though.

New York Knicks have had just four winning seasons over the last twenty-one seasons. If that is a sign of the Knick way, then Randle’s son Ky might crying even more (see video below).

Kalore CEO and fashion designer Kendra Randall posted the above video of Ky being upset about the Knicks 109-100 loss to the Indiana Pacers.

“I don’t care [that] it’s preseason

Ky Randle

Tennessee Football

Saturday, #6 Tennessee Volunteers defeated #3 Alabama Crimson Tide 52-49 to snap a 15-year losing streak. Yet, the end of the game was the beginning of an evening of celebrations which included storming the field and stealing the goalpost

It actually was not fine and no the University of Tennessee is trying to get alumni and fans to pay for a goalpost. At the time of this blog, the have raised just under $66,000.


New York Jets flew into Lambeau Field and are flying out 27-10 winners over the Green Bay Packers.

Jets rookie cornerback Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner took a victory lap around the iconic stadium after the teams big win on Sunday.

Bold move was not liked by all.


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