Steve Nash is Out in Brooklyn + Tik Tok of the Day

The Brooklyn Nets continue to make the news for everything but winning. Kyrie Irving is spewing anti-semitism across his social platforms, Kevin Durant is fighting a radio producer and other trolls on Twitter, and Ben Simmons can hardly shoot and is also missing games. Now, Steve Nash has been cut loose and the Brooklyn Nets are in need of a new head coach.

When any major news is shared, the two places worth checking out: Twitter and Tik Tok. The best content usually can be found on one of those apps.

Tik Tok user and IMG Model Rae Rodriguez took to the app to share a video shortly after the news broke. The video features Rodriguez and her boyfriend Matthew Adekponya having lunch with ESPN in the background. ESPN at that moment was sharing breaking news about Nash and the Nets parting ways.

She added some text that is read out loud in the video. It said, “when you’re on a lunch date with your boyfriend but his boss’ coach just got fired.”

Adekponya is a former professional basketball player turned Head of Media at Team Mills Corporation. Adekponya worked with point guard Patty Mills and helps curate content for his social channels. Mills also currently plays for the Nets.

Steve Nash took to Twitter shortly after to share some closing remarks on his time with the Brooklyn Nets.

As much chaos as there is in Brooklyn, the job is open and many are willing to take it. Rumor has it, suspended Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka might land the gig. If that is so, it won’t be pretty.

For now, NBA fans are waiting for in the wings to see how this continues to unfold.

THIS LEAGUE never fails to create headlines.


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