SNL Made A Funny

Saturday Night Live gets a lot a hate for their lack of good comedic writing over the last several years. That is the main idea for the show and how it was built after all, is is not?? But that is not why I am here to share. I am instead here to write and share a hidden gem.

SNL does occasional have stuff worth watching. I am not one to watch it live but will wait to see certain skits pop up or watch the music performances.

The below video that was posted appeared on my Tik Tok “For You Page” so for the readers out there, I want my blog to be a “For You Page” for you which contains all thing written and shared by me.

Today, I give you a laugh in honor of SNL, the World Series, and Hispanic Fans.


new cast member marcello hernández stops by the update desk to talk baseball!

♬ original sound – Saturday Night Live – SNL

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