Western Kentucky Wins Big in their Big Red Uniforms

Saturday afternoon, Western Kentucky improved to 7-4 after a 45-10 demolishing win over Rice. The Hilltoppers’ win over the Owls was their third largest of the season behind last week’s 52-point win over Charlotte and a 73-point win over FIU earlier in the season. But the highlight of the game and this past week was Western Kentucky’s uniforms for the week.

Considered one of the most likable and exciting mascots in all of college athletics, Big Red, wanted to get more involved in these week’s game. Unfortunately, the mascot can’t take the field so that is out of the question. But, Big Red can take the field by being featured on Western Kentucky’s helmets. So that was the plan and Big Red need to get to work.

This would be no easy task as Big Red has been at it for awhile now with little success.

It even tried to take meetings with the school’s president, Tim Caboni.

Luckily after an opening in Mr. Caboni’s schedule, the two decided the “Big Red” helmets needed to get mass produced and passed around to the the team for the upcoming game. After brief discussion, they hopped on some bicycles and broke in to the athletic facility using Caboni’s master key. And the helmets were a go!

After seeing the results, it was turned out to be a win-win situation as the Hilltoppers got a victory and Big Red got his wish to be on the helmet granted.

A win like that, Big Red deserves another week on the helmet.


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