Is it too late to mention Halloween?

Halloween came and went way too fast and I did not even get to enjoy all the festivities October has to offer. I did celebrate my birthday, do a local Halloween 5K, and visit a pumpkin patch though. But that was simply not enough. I barely even had any trick-o-treaters stop by my house or see the great costumes featured and worn by all near and far.

Thanks to Tik Tok, they decided to place a two-week-old video on my For You Page earlier today. And I have to say: PEOPLE are so creative.

There was a trend for party goers where they would go to the bathroom and look at the camera that would rest on probably a countertop. While they are in there, they are being recorded and saying who each thinks will get the drunkest that evening. This trend usually went with costume parties and did not usually mention the people’s actual names.

The video Tik Tok shared to me was a group of young girls showcasing their Bachelorette Party theme. The theme: The Night of a Thousand LeBron’s.

Watch the video for yourselves but they killed it. Every single version of LeBron James was featured. All the way back from high school LeBron to the current Lakers LeBron. They even had someone dressed as championship LeBron and also maybe the best and goofiest, Space Jame Lebron.

Take a watch below.

This video was posted by Tik Tok user Tia Clifford.

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