Coach McDermott and Creighton To Give Away a PS5 Giveaway

The rise of social media has brought both bad and good to this world. While it has insane powers to connect and share news faster than ever, it has created problems society may have not thought about. One of those problems involves hackers which will using phishing links and other methods to take control of one’s accounts in hopes to access data. The hacker will then use this new-found data to make money or use it to get even more accounts under their control. That is likely what happened to Creighton Men’s basketball head coach Greg McDermott this past week. But after some forward thinking by the Blue Jays, they will now be giving away a Playstation 5 to one lucky fan.

The way to have a shot at winning the PS5 was to enter a raffle. Blue Jays fans were given two shots at entering it by attending the men’s soccer game against Missouri State and the men’s basketball game against UC Riverside.

The winner will be announced at the conclusion of the men’s basketball game and they must be present to win.

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